My workflow: Sabbatical Year Consideration for 2024

I shall stop taking new clients from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2024. If my pre-existing clients wish to, I'll continue engagement with them. If my  pre-existing clients still wish me to continue my service in 2024, pls inform me by 30 Dec 2023, so that i may plan my 2024 schedule accordingly.

Thus, any new students who wish to engage me for next year in 2024, needs to start their first lesson by end Dec 2023

What is Sabbath year of rest?

Based on the Bible Leviticus 25:3-7; 18-22

"3 You may raise grain and grapes for six years, 4 but the seventh year you must let your fields and vineyards rest in honor of me, your Lord. 5 This is to be a time of complete rest for your fields and vineyards, so don't harvest anything they produce. 6-7 However, you and your slaves and your hired workers, as well as any domestic or wild animals, may eat whatever grows on its own."

"18-19 If you obey my laws and teachings, you will live safely in the land and enjoy its abundant crops. 20 Don't ever worry about what you will eat during the seventh year when you are forbidden to plant or harvest. 21 I will see to it that you harvest enough in the sixth year to last for three years. 22 In the eighth year you will live on what you harvested in the sixth year, but in the ninth year you will eat what you plant and harvest in the eighth year."

How it applies to a sinner like me who needs daily repentance

Although not all ceremonies in the Scriptures apply literally today, the essence is still required to guide my life. I'm doing this out of faith (I hope that i interpreted the Scriptures correctly) and not that i've suddenly became very rich this year. In fact, i still have to address monthly bills of my close ones too.

In practical terms, the Sabbatical year embodies the trust i could have that God would provide for my immediate needs and future of my families.

God bless our meditations today.

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 Our aim for every ‘A’ Level Biology student under our care is to achieve an ‘A’ in Biology for their final ‘A’ Level grade

This is fully possible via (1) guided learning with feedback and (2) consistent hardwork, leading to critical thinking, the subject mastery, and excellent answering strategies

Under our program that incorporates analyzed exclusive resources from the international examining body Cambridge Assessment International Education (formerly CIE), many students improved from low grades (initial grades of ‘D’ and below, often ‘U’) to ‘A’ grade for H2 Biology in the final GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations

This program is taught personally by Duncan Ang, a former GCE ‘A’ Level Exam Chief Internal Moderator (CIM), Chief Examiner, and Gold Medallist NIE 2004. He has aided students across almost all the JCs in his country, some from Malaysia and UK, over various Biology courses.

He is also the author for the latest GCE 'A' Level H2 Biology GCE Ten-Year Series, published by Singapore Asia Publisher (SAP).

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教育金牌奖章前任讲师 - 生物补习由金牌奖章前任初顶端级学院讲师执教。提供 'A'水准高中 H1/2与及直通车课程生物学补习. 荣获生命科学硕士(NTU)生物学学士 (NUS)、并排名前列国立教师培训班。细致采用教育心理学、教育学与及优资教育学,以理解学生的学习需求,并引领出学生生物学的潜能和优化学生的回答策略。受新加坡教育部前任为'A'水准考试主持人总监。自2004年以来的教学, 见证优异的学生'A'水准考试成绩。 92312554

最新讯息-著作最新GCE'A'级H2生物学十年考试系列书籍. 书籍由新加坡亚洲出版商(SAP)出版。