QNS by Current Students



How to extract DNA (+ molecular rationale) from tissue specimen DNA EXTRACTION PROCEDURE.pdf


Aug 2018 Spice Tolerance_Deep.pdf What does TRPV1 receptors got to do with my Spice tolerance? Is spice tolerance due to Genetics or is it Acquired? Whats the biological mechanisms behind ways to quell burning sensation?

Jun 2018 Tuberculosis Statistics & Treatment.pdf What is the upcoming Biobeads TB Vaccine?

May 2018 Different Types of T Memory Cells_Es.pdf I know Central memory (TCM) and Effector memory T cells(TEM). But what's the recently discovered Resident memory cells (TRM)?

Apr 2018 T Cell Activation Mechanism_Es.pdf

Apr 2018 Living Fossil_Frilled Shark.pdf A 7 feet shark that resembles a snake...and is still extant

Mar 2018 Ubiquitination Steps_Jane.pdf How does multi-level control on ubiquitination, help ensure appropriate protein degradation? What are the famous E1, E2, and E3 involved? What are these 3 proteins' implications on cancer?

Mar 2018 Applications Of Anti-Freeze Proteins (Student’s Work_Se).pdf How does AFP work, and how is it used in our daily life?

Feb 2018 Gestational, Type 1.5, and Type 3 Diabetes_Est.pdf Does heavy newborn predispose towards Type II diabetes? What is Type 1.5 and Type 3 diabetes? Being diabetic leads to Alzheimer's disease?


Oct 2017 Conjugated double bonds & carotenoid colour.Matt.pdf Why does carotenoid cause bright colours, when there's no transition metal?

Oct 2017 PCR Non-target band amplification_Troubleshooting_Thi.pdf How do I rid the unwanted DNA products from PCR?

Sep 2017 Vitamin Nomenclature_Dy.pdf What do the alphabets in vitamins mean? Why are there missing letters in the nomenclature?

Sep 2017 tRNA and rRNA splicing_Ann.pdf Introns can code for proteins? Does splicing also occur for rRNA and tRNA?

Aug 2017 Asbestos_Dyl.pdf Why do I need to know the level of asbestos in my home or workplace? How about my fire retardant cloak?

Jul 2017 Prevention and Treatment of Blood Incompatibility between Mother and fetus

May 2017 Comparison of Entry and Release of various Viruses; HIV Maturation

Apr 2017 Anova_Dyl.pdf When do I use Anova statistical test for my data? What's 1- vs 2-way Anova

Mar 2017 Types of Error Bars_Mat_pdf Does error bars tell us if there's significant difference? What are range, SD, or CI error bars?

Jan 2017 Type 1 Diabetes and Ketoacidosis_Luc.pdf How safe is low carb-diet like Atkin's diet? Alcohol and ketoacidosis? What's that?

Jan 2017 Iodine test for Amylose, Amylopectin, and Glycogen_Est Can iodine test for amylopectin and glycogen?


Oct 2016 Competitive PCR_Eve.pdf How is this PCR variant, better?

Oct 2016 Receptor locations in Plant cells and Bacteria_Kev.pdf Are receptors found on the cell wall or plasma membrane?

Sep 2016 GMU or cM Relation to physical distance_Dy.pdf 1cM = ? bp

Sep 2016 Beat Side Stitches_Lu.pdf Why do I get side cramp or ''stitches" when i run?

Aug 2016 Protease, Proteinase And Peptidase_Luc.pdf What are they really?

Aug 2016 Hepatitis B Plant Vaccine_Deb.pdf Will plant vaccine be the dominant vaccine in ten years time?

Aug 2016 Style Guide for writing Gene and Protein Symbols_Jan.pdf How to write names of genes and proteins? Do I italicize or not?

Jul 2016 From TP to Glucose and Sucrose_Dy.pdf How does the TP formed in Calvin cycle, ultimately becomes Glucose and Sucrose?

Jul 2016 Bone Marrow structure + Transplant_Jan.pdf How is bone marrow transplant done, and what is a bone marrow anyway?

May 2016: Beta-alanine effects + side-effects_Dyl.pdf My coach wants me to take beta-alanine. Does it work? Is it safe?

Apr 2016: Mucus Consistency and Colour_Kev My phlegm is green; its bacterial/viral infection. Right?

Apr 2016: Different types of Cyclins and CDK_Mat Roles of different cyclin in cell cycle

Mar 2016: Tongue and Tasting_Kev Were we Wrongly taught, that there's a taste map on our tongue? Are taste receptors only in tongue?

Mar 2016: Marsupial and Placental Evolution_Deb.pdf Marsupial and Placental...formed by convergent evolution?

Mar 2016: Adaptor DNA and Conversion Adapter DNA_Kev.pdf What are Adaptor DNA and Conversion Adapter DNA?

Feb 2016: X and Y chromosomes’ homologous regions and Evolution Are X and Y homologous chromosomes?

Jan 2016: Zika Virus The first time insect-borne disease, to be passed via sexual contact?

Jan 2016: Spontaneous Human Combustion, under Contemporary Science What is SHC? "SHC victims were mostly women, elderly, lazy and intemperate, unsightly and usually obese, and addicted to drunkenness"?


Dec 2015: CRISPR Technology + Safeguards.pdf What is gene drive? How is it threatening rapid ecosystem changes?

Nov 2015: Lambda Phage_Switching lysogenic and ltyic phases.pdf (Theo)

Nov 2015: Fracture Healing.pdf Can a fracture completely heal? What can I do to help a fracture? (Kev)

Oct 2015: Human Hair Colour Genetics.pdf What determines you, and your dog's hair colour? Is hair (and eye) colour continuous or discontinuous variation? Why do hair turn grey?

Sep 2015: RNA polymerase proofreading.pdf

Sep 2015: Subspecies and Ring species.pdf

Sep 2015: Radiation damage to DNA.pdf and Tar Mutation.pdf How does radiation and Tar mutation cause cancer?

Sep 2015: T-DNA Transfer.pdf Opine? Conjugation between bacteria and plant cell?

Aug 2015: 3’ UTR Sequences_Eve.pdf Why longer 3'-UTRs --> lower levels of gene expression?

Jul 2015: How do terminator genes work? (Theo)

Jul 2015: GEF Proteins that activate G protein_JH.pdf What does Son of sevenless (SOS1) protein, got to do with cancer?

Jul 2015: VNTR & STR_JH.pdf What are the key differences between them?

Mar 2015: High CO2 closes stomata_Ali.pdf

Feb 2015: Photolysis Mechanism_ST.pdf What exactly splits water to give oxygen?


Oct 2014: HIV uncoating_EG.pdf What are the 3 models of HIV uncoating? Does HIV uncoating anything to do with RT?

Oct 2014: M1 matrix protein_Na M.pdf What does M1 protein of influenza virus do?

Aug 2014: Roles for Influenza Nuclear Export Protein (NEP).pdf Is the NEP just used for exporting RNPs out of nucleus?

What other insidious role may it play in flu pathogenicity?

Aug 2014: Double Eyelid Formation_Na G_Aug 14.pdf Is having single or double eyelids caused by a single, few, or multiple genes?

How is it inherited? Can my single be modified to double eyelids over course of my growth development, or vice-versa?

Aug 2014: Relationship between Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease.pdf Dementia vs Alzheimers--What is the difference?

Jul 2014: Parkinson’s disease_DL.pdf What is Parkinson's?

Jul 2014: T4 DNA polymerase.pdf Does T4 phage employs its own polymerase for viral genome replication, like influenza virus? What are the multi-function properties of this polymerase?

Jul 2014: Can Eukaryotic Ribosome translate prokaryotic mRNA?

Jul 2014: Double Minute Chromosome_Gene Ampification_El.pdf How does a form of Gene Amplification--Double Minute Chromosome Formation--cause tumour?

Jun 2014: Trigger Finger_Sam.pdf What is trigger finger? Why do some sportsmen, sportswomen and musicians often get trigger finger?

May 2014: Acetylcholine Hydrolysis_Nic.pdf What happens to the acetylcholine, after its hydrolysis at the synapse?

May 2014: Starch Granule_Nic.pdf What is the structure of starch granules? Under what plant and environmental situations, are starch granules increased?

Apr 2014: Poliovirus.pdf What is poliovirus and what are its symptoms? How do I know if I'm at risk? How may I prevent it?

Apr 2014: Is Caffeine Mutagenic.pdf What does 18 years of research tell us about caffeine, and cancers of the breast and bowel? What is the known cellular effect of caffeine?

Jan 2014: DNA Ligase & Mechanism. Does DNA Ligase use ATP?

Jan 2014: Thalassemia Genetics_Nic.pdf. What is Thalassemia, and what are the genetics behind it? What are the differences between thalassemia major and minor, alpha and beta?


Jan 2013: QNS ON COPEG_Nic.pdf Difference between (micro-RNA) amd small interfering RNA (si-RNA)? What is a consensus sequence and how does it relate to strength of promoter? What are chromatin remodeling complex, and sigma factors?