A) Introduction

  1. Immune System Analogy Video

  2. Immune System RPG Game

  3. Immune System Video

B) Inflammation and Clotting

  1. Inflammation Video

C) Adaptive Immunity

  1. Adaptive Immunity

  2. Clonal Selection and Clonal Expansion (Detailed) Video + Quiz

  3. Hybridoma Technology; Monoclonal vs Polyclonal Antibody Video

  4. VDJC Chain recombination Video

D) Innate Immunity

  1. Innate Immunity Intro Video

  2. Neutrophil chasing bacteria

E) Vaccination

  1. Personalized Cancer Vaccine Video

  2. Constructing Covid19 Vaccine Video

  3. Smallpox vaccination history Video


  1. Tuberculosis - Infection and transmission Video

G) Antibiotics

  1. MRSA Video

  2. Penicillin Mechanism of Action