A) Introduction

  1. Immune System Analogy Video
  2. Immune System RPG Game
  3. Immune System Video

B) Inflammation and Clotting

  1. Inflammation Video

C) Adaptive Immunity

  1. B and T lymphocytes Activation with interleukins Animation + Quiz
  2. B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes, and antigen-presenting cells Animation
  3. Clonal Selection and Clonal Expansion Video
  4. Clonal Selection and Clonal Expansion (Detailed) Video + Quiz
  5. Cytotoxic T-Cell Activity against Target Cells Animation + Quiz
  6. Hybridoma Technology to produce Monoclonal Antibody Animation + Quiz
  7. VDJC Chain recombination Video

D) Innate Immunity

  1. Innate Immunity Intro Video
  2. Neutrophil chasing bacteria

E) Antibody

  1. Epitope and Antibody Animation
  2. Superantigens Animation
  3. Somatic Recombination for different AB formation Animation

F) Vaccination

  1. Cancer Vaccine Animation
  2. Constructing Vaccine Animation
  3. Smallpox vaccination history Video


  1. Tuberculosis - Infection and transmission Video

H) Antibiotics

  1. Antibiotics Resistance Animation
  2. Antibiotics Resistance and MRSA Animation