Genetics of Bacteria

A) Binary Fission

  1. Structure and Replication of Bacterial Cells

B) Transformation

  1. Transformation Video

  2. Transformation by Heat-Shock and CaCl Video

  3. Transformation by Heat-Shock and Electroporation Video

C) Conjugation

  1. Conjugation Video

D) Transduction

  1. Generalized transduction Video

  2. Specialized transduction Video

E) Operon

  1. Lac operon (Neg ctrl only) Video

  2. Lac operon (Neg + Pos ctrl) Video

  3. Trp operon Video

  4. Trp operon_Regulation using hairpin loop Video

F) Others

  1. Bacterial Chromosome Compaction

  2. Gram stain Animation

  3. Quiz on Pro Control