Price is quoted as nett fee per lesson, not per month:

Group Lesson Fee

  • Free 1hr 1-to-1 Consultation (U.P. of up to $430) for each Student per calendar month

  • Results or Refund in our Results Guarantee Programme FAQ [NOTE: Results Guarantee Programme has been fully subscribed. Thank you for your overwhelming support!]

  • A one-time off Registration ($30) and Material Fee ($70) applies for Group Tuition. Registration and Material Fees are waived for students on the first two trial lessons

  • * For Lesson on Weekend: Additional $10 per session

  • * NEW No Surcharge on Public Holiday (As long as it does not fall on weekend) All Public Holiday are charged at the same rate (Including CNY)

Customized learning approaches for each student's unique situation

Topical Summary Notes & Answers aligned to exclusive Examiner’s Report and Mark Schemes

Mock tests and Assessment Diagnosis for timely intervention

Strategic and Targeted Follow-Up Actions

Parent-Student-Tutor Learning Progress Discussions

Monthly report to chart Revision Progress and target achievements

Connecting Student to current science research and industry, to cultivate deeper intrinsic motivation for long-term self-directed learning

Free 1-to-1 Consultation!

Free 1hr 1-to-1 Consultation (U.P. of up to $430) for each Student per calendar month

This helps ensure that no students are left behind due to unaddressed personal learning needs

Additional Cashback for new sign-ups!

First 10 new sign-ups per Sign-Up Period (e.g. Early Bird / Promotion / Normal) pay 5% off the first two lessons



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