Climate Change

A) Introduction

  1. Coal and Oil formation Video

  2. Cowsburp Video

  3. Oil formation and discovery Video

  4. Peat Bog Formation Video

B) Impact on the environment

  1. Coral-eating Starfish Video

  2. El Nino and La Nina Video

  3. Heat dome and jet stream affecting Western Canada and the U.S.

  4. Human impacts on Biodiversity

  5. Ocean acidification Animation

  6. Polar Vortex (1) and Jet stream_Introduction Video

  7. Polar Vortex (2) and Climate Change Video

  8. Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI)_Why Singapore Is Heating Up 2x Faster Than The Planet Video

C) Impact of Viral diseases e.g. dengue

  1. Dengue Transmission Video

  2. Global dengue map

  3. Spreading Risk of Dengue Fever in North Video America

D) Sampling Methods

  1. Types Of Sampling Techniques In Statistics - Random, Stratified, Cluster, Systematic

  2. Belt & Transect Sampling (Cartoon)

  3. Belt & Transect Sampling (Real life)