Lesson Format and Expectations

1) Lesson format

The following is a typical lesson format:

  • Core concept review

  • Homework review

  • Analysis on student’s Answering Techniques

  • Questions from students on other topics

  • Exam management strategies (periodical)

NOTE: Student & Parent / Guardian should choose lesson venue where Student and Tutor are not alone together e.g. Lesson can be held in living room, which is a shared space.

2) Preparation for lesson

Students are required to attempt and self-evaluate (using the given answers) on work that are given to them.

Students are not to appear in lesson with uncompleted assigned tasks. The questions and answers that they explore and analyze as their homework, are meant to surface their conceptual blind-spots and answering techniques that they will ask during the upcoming lesson. Thus, will they find the lesson effective and time-efficient, in facilitating focus on their weaker parts of the subject, instead of investing unnecessary time on non-target areas.

Students are to always let the Tutor know at least 2 days in advance of the scheduled lesson if they have problems completing the work, along with their valid reasons. This will enable the Tutor to advise them on preparation for the lesson given the context of their situations.

3) Ask questions during lesson

The quality of the Students’ learning in the lesson is dependent on the number and quality of questions that they ask during the lesson. If the Student has little or nothing to ask, it may mean that he or she has either mastered the topic, or that the student has not effectively prepared for the subject matter.

4) Standard items to prepare for lesson

  • Laptop / Tablet with internet access

  • Tutorial questions and answers from the tutor

  • Lecture notes on the topic for review

  • Recent school Biology test / exam papers (e.g. Promo exam papers)

  • Latest ‘A’ Level H2 Biology TYS

  • Questions from other sources that the student wish to surface (If any)

5) Ceasing of lessons

The Tutor’s aim for every ‘A’ Level Biology student under his care is to achieve an ‘A’ in Biology for their final ‘A’ Level grade. This is fully possible via (1) guided learning with feedback and (2) consistent hardwork, leading to the subject mastery and critical thinking. At any rate, Biology by itself is already a wonderful school of interdisciplinary-knowledge that is truly a joy to appreciate and apply in our lives!

For students who consistently defaulted in preparation of their work without valid reasons, or conduct themselves in ways that negatively influence the learning environment, the Tutor reserves the right to cease work engagement with the student. In such exceptional case, any unused lessons’ fee will be returned back to the parent/student.

6) Communication

Students who wish to receive information and material from over email in a timely manner need to provide the Tutor with an active and reliable email address. Please avoid providing him with one from hotmail due to technical issues.

The Tutor sincerely wishes you a truly fruitful and joyful learning experience during mastery of Biology!