"A year from now you will wish you had started today" Karen Lamb

~ Student, J1 RJC, 2024


Hi Duncan, I received my IB results yesterday and got a 7 for bio 😊 Thank you for teaching me and equipping me with the necessary critical thinking skills for me to reach a 7 :)

~ Student, HCI International IB Y6 2023

[Tutor taught Student since NCHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School 2021 to HCI International IB 2023]


The branching out to real-world examples

Clarification of doubts

Simplification of concepts to be easily recalled

~ Student, Sec4 Hai Sing Catholic Sch, 2023


1) In depth explanations are always given

2) I'm allowed to ask questions that may be out of the syllabus

3) I have to think critically and fully understand the topics, and not blindly memorise answers

~ Student, Sec4 Crescent Girls Sch, 2023



~ Student, J2 TMJC , 2023


hello, i got an A for bio! thanks so much for teaching me bio!!!

~ Student, J2 VJC , 2022


~ Student, J2 ASRJC, 2022


~ Student, J2 NYJC , 2022


~ Student, J2 VJC , 2022


- relates current bio topics to common things around us  makes it easier to remember

- there's a mix of things done in class (engaging)

- the lessons aren't tense or uncomfortable & felt like a safe space to share questions

~ Student, Sec 3 Cedar Girls Sec, 2022


Hi Duncan - [Student] has been offered partial scholarship at HCIS. Deo Gratias!

~ Parent, IP4 NCHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, 2021


Dear Mr Duncan,
Thank you for getting back to me on how I could improve on my question. Thank you for also giving us the opportunity to write questions ourselves. I think doing so has helped me analyse and understand the structure of questions better and learn how I may better approach Olympiad questions, in general.

~ Biology Olympiad Participant, JC1 NYJC, 2021


Hi Duncan, thank you so much for teach [Student name] these years. He is already missing your class time. Well, if he needs anything bio, we know who to call :). All the best to you and your family, and may you have a lovely week ahead.

~ Parent, Y6 NUS High School, 2021


Dear Duncan,

Happy National Day! Amidst this unusual period of covid restrictions, telecommuting and the need for adaptation, I hope you are doing better than ever!

Although it has been close to two years since our last tuition session, I can still vividly recall the interactions we had. Your interest and mastery in the sciences have inspired me not only during my time in JC, but also during the days after. You not only provided a vital helping hand for me to excel within the syllabus, but yiu also opened my eyes to the vast pool of knowledge, life-applications and intricacies that the sciences have to offer.

Your teachings definitely played a big role in inspiring me to join the healthcare system, and I’m happy to share with you that on my second try, I will be enrolling in NUS YLL School of Medicine this year (tomorrow)!

Thank you, Duncan, for being patient with me whenever I was slow in learning, for sharing with me higher-level but intriguing scientific facts, and last but not least, for taking the time to craft a testimonial. I truly appreciate all your efforts. Without your involvement, I definitely wouldn’t have made it thus far.

I hope your future in education finds you new and great opportunities, and hopefully somewhere somehow we may cross paths again!

Best regards, 

~ Student, Yr1 NUS Medicine, 2021

Former J2 NYJC, 2019

NOTE: Name in photo has been blanked from request in anonymity

Lessons are very engaging and they (allow) me to take take away a lot of (boring ) parts. Teacher is also very nurturing and it ignites the interest for the subject in which I did not have initially.

~ Student, J2 RJC , 2021

Lessons are straightforward

Tutor explains concepts well

Tutor makes lessons entertaining

~ Student, IB5 ACS(I), 2021

Good concept explanation

Good  diagrams

States what is crucial for exams

~ Student, IP3 Catholic High, 2021

~ Student, J1 VJC, 2021

Hi duncan! Just got my results [Nov H2 Bio]! Got an A for bio!! Thank you so much!! My mum says thank you very very much!!

~ Student, J2 RJC, 2020

 The use of videos to explain processes

Flowcharts to do corrections

Many practice questions available are organised into the various topics

~ Student, J1 RJC, 2020

The use of images to illustrate concepts.

Real-life examples to enhance my understanding of concepts being explained.

Organisation and distribution of work is recorded neatly, helping me to keep track of progress well.

~ Student, J2 RJC, 2020

Lesson is structured and I can ask questions easily through whatsapp or during lessons

Explanations are clear.

~ Student, J2 RJC, 2020

duncan is good at explaining the concepts in depth and considering the students needs. Throughout the lesson, he makes sure the student has understand the concepts through questioning. The materials provided could be improved as the notes given is similar to school notes. Speech wise is okay.

~ Student, J2 RJC, 2020

Hi Duncan, I would like to offer some feedback re. [Student name] first lesson. She finds the lesson helpful. She likes how the lesson is structured and how you have explained the concepts to help her understand the questions better. She appreciated that the lesson was planned ahead and that you addressed her concerns. I hope with the following lessons leading to her exams, she will be more confident in the subject and be able to answer the questions more accurately. Thank you.

~ Parent, J2 RJC, 2020

happy teachers' day! Thank you for always being patient with my dumb questions and my inane conversations. Biology is a lot more interesting through your lessons! My bio has gotten better (hopefully) and I am very grateful for all your help and pointers

~ Student, J2 RJC, 2020


1)  How you make biology fun and interesting instead of the casual boring mugging style

2) very engaging and forces me to do critical thinking

3) Always encouraging and having faith in me

~ Student, IB 2020, Private Candidate

- High level of understandability

- Lessons are light, but serious enough to encourage learning

- Explanations are clear and concise

~ Student, YR5 NUS-High, 2020


1. concise and detailed notes (especially the fill-in-the blanks concepts / overviews)

2. change in teaching style every 45 min(ish)

3. animations & online resources

~ Student, J2 RJC, 2020

Dear Duncan,

Sorry for not updating you since A Levels results release. I’m glad to inform you that I’ve attained an A for Bio. I’m very thankful for the past 2 years of your guidance, as without it I think my biology journey would have been a lot tougher.

~ Student, J2 NYJC, 2019


Hi Duncan, my daughter, husband and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your conscientious and diligent tutoring  for our daughters’s Biology course. Your teaching helped her gain a strong grasp of a lot of complex and challenging topics.  Your encouragement and advice also helped to motivate her to stick with her studies and not give up.  Her A grade is a testament to your teaching and guidance.

~ Parent, J2 RJC, 2019


A (grade) thank you Duncan! We did it and along the way I learnt so many more important lessons!

The one thing you did that helped the most out of everything was helping me feel like I could do it and it made a world of difference to me. Thank you.

~ Student, J2 RJC, 2019


thanks for teaching me haha I really appreciate it!

went all the way from a u to b!

~ Student, J2 HCJC, 2019


I got an A 

Thank you for teaching me

~ Student, J2 YIJC, 2019


Hello Duncan, I just got back my Biology paper and score 69/80 which is around 86%!

Thank you for your guidance and helping me achieve this score:)

~ Student, Sec 4 RGSS, 2019

1) Diagrams and drawings to explain concepts / questions

2) Asking me questions so that I am made aware of the (parts) I'm unsure of

3) Concise mindmaps / diagrams for each topic when teaching.

~ Student, J2 VJC, 2019

1. The animations and quizzes help me visualise key concepts & make sure I know them well.

2. I'm encouraged to think & keep searching for an answer.

3. I'm exposed to real-life applications and experiments demonstrating key concepts

~ Student, J2 HCJC, 2019


1) Printing notes for every topic and setting up a website for extra notes

2) Giving everyone an equal chance to answer (pair system)

3) Giving sweets as encouragement!

~ Ms Ravikumar Samikshaa, Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant, Cedar Girls Sec, 2019


- I enjoyed the flip classroom element in class

- I like that there are always stories or examples shared in class by Mr Ang.

- I enjoy that there are always few question types shown for the different topics.

~ Ms Xiao Jun Yang, Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant, Cedar Girls Sec, 2019


1. I enjoy how you encourage us to think out of the box and learn nuggets of information which may not be directly related to the topic but good to know nonetheless

2. I enjoy the occasional snacks as it motivates me to answer questions

3. I enjoy how you encourage us to read ahead so that we can follow lessons clearly

~ Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant 2, Cedar Girls Sec, 2019


1. The assignments and quizzes given weekly helps me revise the concepts taught.

2. I enjoy the flip classroom concept used as it makes it easier to understand topics and it is more efficient in class.

3. I enjoy the fact that questions are often asked as it keeps me alert.

~ Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant 1, Cedar Girls Sec, 2019


1. I enjoy how the teacher had made use of animations to teach the concepts as it helped me understand and visualise the process.

2. I like the (quizzes) at the end of each lesson to test my understanding.

3. I enjoy the scoring system as it keeps the class competitive and determined.

~ Ms Ng Yun Yan, Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant, Cedar Girls Sec, 2019


I enjoy the clear notes and the explanations are clear and effective.

I enjoy the structure of the lessons - what is gone through in the lesson and how the topic is clearly explained before doing the work.

I enjoy the style of teaching

~ Student, IP4 RI, 2019


- I enjoy the fact that there is fast reply to my questions and that the answers to my doubts are presented clearly.

~ Student, JC1 YJC, 2018


- The easy to understand analogies.

- The Summary notes

- The (explanations) are good.

~ Mr Matthew Theng, JC2 ACJC, 2018


1.The links to biology in daily life (ie running) is very interesting.

2.The questions given are very good for practise and help me reinforce my understanding.

3.The pace of the lesson is very good, and it allows me to keep up with school

~ Student, IP3 RI, 2018

1. The notes are very detailed and helpful

2. Explanation is very clear with the appropriate use of examples.

3. Constructive feedback is given whenever assignments are returned back, like correcting misconceptions or improving answer techniques

~ Student, IP4 NYGHS, 2018

3 things you enjoy from my services:

a) The materials provided (including resources on the website)

b) The pace of lessons

c) Knowledge and ability to answer almost anything I ask, even if it is not in the syllabus.

~ 2018 GCE 'A' Level Private Candidate



1) By playing simulation of cell function / other function involving cells or molecules, I can understand better from this

2) I can do the preview & review through notes distributed beforehand and reflection form

~ Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant 5, Cedar Girls Sec, 2018

- For each new concept / terms used, some interesting examples will be given to illustrate the idea, making it interesting

- The lessons are quite interactive with quite a number of questions asked.

~ Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant 4, Cedar Girls Sec, 2018

-It was interactive. In engaging us, it kept us attentive and awake

- We had various forms of media used to teach us including videos and powerpoints. It was a change from the usual monotone lecture.

~ Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant 3, Cedar Girls Sec, 2018


- the linking of bio concepts to real-life scenarios

- interactive --> involves student participation alot

~ Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant 2, Cedar Girls Sec, 2018


1) The real-life applications were very interesting! Like VX and (?), its (?) to know how these concepts manifest itself in our lives.

2) the questions asked helped me to stay forward & engaged so i can fast-check my learning along the way :)

~ Biology Olympiad (Junior) Participant 1, Cedar Girls Sec, 2018


- The use of different learning materials such as videos, mindmaps. etc.

- Clear focus on what's important / tested for the A levels.

- Good learning materials in terms of notes / homework provided.

~ Mr Sean Loke, JC1 NYJC, 2018

~ Student, JC2 RJC, 2018

- Additional knowledge

- Snacks that help keep me focused

- Detailed explanations

~ Student, JC1 RJC, 2018


I needed a top notch tutor who could do 1 on 1 and not group class because of his national & international sporting commitments and therefore timings. Someone who could really push, motivate & monitor him because I knew he had potential for sterling results. Did a lot of trawling through parent chatgroups and basically got a couple of names. Tried out a few actually and got lucky with you!! We also found out you used to teach JC and competed in running competitions so we knew you would understand him as a sports person.

~ Parent of Student, IBDP Year 6 ACS (I), 2017

Thank you for all your help over the years! So glad it paid off in the end!!!

This is definitely one for your books, especially the 7 in chemistry!

Couldn't have had a better teacher in bio and chem!

One of my prayers was "please let my results be good enough to put on Duncan's website"

Praise the Lord!

* Student scored overall of 44 out of maximum score of 45

* Tutor coached student in HL Biology and HL Chemistry 

~ Student, IBDP Year 6 ACS (I), 2017 


Hi Duncan! I got a 6 for bio! Thanks for your help!

Very happy with my result! Thanks so much for your help!

Thanks for pulling me up from a 4 to a 6!

~ Mr Dylan Koo, IBDP Year 6 ACS (I), 2017

Notes are concise

Questions for homework are helpful

~ Student, JC2 CJC, 2017

1) Very motivational :)

2) The super detailed analyses on my tests / exams :)

~ Student, Sec 4 MGS, 2017

1) Very structured and thorough, through checklists that ensure a topic has been covered extensively. Clarifying doubts immediately after I do a question

2) Helpful when I ask for additional practices

3) Extension learning into topics that I am more interested in.

~ Ms Esther Lai, JC1 RJC, 2017

1) Variety of teaching methods including videos, games and the visual lessons.

2) Easy to grasp concepts when taught using stories, anecdotes and interesting events.

3) Motivation provided by Mr. Duncan and his passion for Biology serves as intrinsic motivation for students like myself.

~ Student, JC2 RJC, 2017


Duncan is able to link any process to real-life to make it more relatable and memorable. He offers insight in explanations and never hesitate to give me extra information out of syllabus to keep the learning of the subject exciting.

~ Student, JC2 ACJC, 2017

Hi Duncan, the past few months have been a rollercoaster ride but I thank God that He has taught me many things during this time of uncertainty.

I've been accepted to NUS Medicine and will be starting this August.

Thank you once again for your encouragement and counsel. It helped me cling on and continue to persevere in pursuing my dream. Although medicine is overly romanticised, I do believe that this is a career that I will thrive in.

Thank you once again. God Bless.

~ Student D.C., JC2 NJC, 2016



Thank you so much for your help

Distinction in h3 (Chemistry)*

* Tutor coached student in H2 Bio, and "Classes of Drugs" for H3 Chemistry

~ Parent of JC2 HCI Boy, 2016

Having Biology tuition with Duncan really helped me build up my confidence in studying Biology. He helped break studying Biology down into small steps. Through discussions with him, I cleared many of my misconceptions and this was reflected in my grades.  

Duncan is a very encouraging teacher who gave sincere feedback that really helped me whenever I was frustrated with myself or unsure of how to tackle a problem. I would definitely recommend his services to everyone studying Biology!

 ~ Student, JC2 NJC, 2016

Thanks much

Appreciate your help. We must say you are his best tutor.

~ Parent of JC2 HCI Boy, 2016

Hi Duncan, just got my complete A level results and I got an A in bio! Thank you so much for your tutelage, I would have not been able to achieve it without you!

~ Ms Dielle Lee, A2 Biology, 2016

1) Efficient learning

2) Punctuality 

3) Learning resources

~ Ms Jamie Koo, Sec 3 RGSS, 2016

1. Questions that encourage metacognition, application of concepts and show relevance of Biology H2 in life.

2. Patiently answering all sorts of questions

3. Giving extra material that shows the importance of Bio in the real world; deeper appreciation for what I’m learning

~ Student, JC2 NJC, 2016


Duncan provides highly structured lessons that can be customized to focus on weaker topics. Duncan has an elaborate arsenal of notes, extra practice and papers to help his students regardless of whatever level they are at, so that they may ultimately achieve mastery.

Under Duncan’s guidance, I not only saw improvements in my Biology grades, but developed a much broader understanding and deep interest in the subject. I am grateful for Duncan’s tutorship which eventually helped me achieve an ‘A’ grade for the ‘A’ level examinations, up from a ‘D’ in prelims.

To prospective students, I highly (recommend) Duncan as your biology tutor as I am confident he will create an enjoyable and worthwhile Biology learning experience for you, if you are willing to work hard with him.

~ Mr Theodore Choo, JC2 RJC, 2015

Hi Duncan, I got an A for bio! Thanks for being such a patient and great tutor :)

~ Student, JC2 RVHS, 2015

- My grades improved from B’s and C’s to an A in the A level Examinations 

- Through the lessons, I was able to clarify my concepts through (thorough) questioning with my tutor. This allowed me to sharpen my concepts and perform better in my examinations.

~ Student, JC2 VJC, 2014

Hi Duncan, just got back my Unit 1 results, I got an A for bio! Thank you

~ Ms Dielle Lee, Year 1 AS Biology, Insworld Institute, 2014

Hi Mr Duncan, I'm [STUDENT NAME] from Hwa Chong! I got an A for bio! Thank you :)

~ Student, JC2 HCJC, 2014

Hello Mr Ang, just a quick report on my grades:

H1 GP - A

H2 Biology - A

H2 Mathematics - A

H2 Econs - A

H2 Chemistry - B

Thank you for helping me through my A Level preparation

~ Mr Eugene Tai, JC2 ACJC, 2014

Using daily objects to emphasize the bio facts. Creating models and diagrams to enhance my learning.

Very interesting as I never got bored during the lesson.

Teaches me how to apply facts to real life situations to further enhance my memory.

~ Mr Dylan Koo, Sec 3 ACS (I), 2014

Dear Duncan,

             Although I have only been your student for about 2 months or so, I’ve learnt a lot and I’d like to thank you very much for that. I still remember feeling completely lost on Biology and it was like fighting a losing battle until I stumbled upon your website. I only wish I had googled harder earlier so that I would have a better shot at the A levels!! But regardless, I’m still really grateful for having met you as my bio tutor! :) I hope that all your students will do fantastically and get As! God bless you and your family and continue to give students the hope of excelling at their exams! 





(NOV 2014)

~ Student, JC2 SAJC, 2014

~ Student, JC1 RJC, 2014

~ Student, JC2 VJC, 2014

Mr Duncan Ang is a special and dedicated tutor. He displays thorough knowledge of the curriculum and syllabus. He uses appropriate examples and interactive animations to engage his students and help them to understand and remember the concepts better. He is one tutor you will not regret in engaging. 

Under his guidance, I scored A in my recent GCE A level exam. 

~ Student, JC2 TPJC, 2013

As a private candidate re-sitting the A-Levels two years after my initial attempt in 2011, it is with great surprise and joy that I learnt of my tremendous improvement from just an ‘S’ grade to an ‘A’ grade in the 2013 A-Level Biology examination, all within 6 months of coaching under Mr. Ang!

Bringing years of teaching experience and a keen sense of the subject to bear, Mr. Ang helped to scaffold my understanding of the subject with practical examples, animation clips and summary maps. Drawing upon small successes that mirrored minor achievements, Mr. Ang fostered a positive experience and helped me to gain confidence in the subject in a relatively short span of time.

A very focused teacher, Mr. Ang was forthcoming in helping me to create and customise a strategic and realistic study plan. Mr. Ang also made much effort to set up mock tests in the Theory and Practical components, guiding me in answering questions and developing key competencies. I realised that A-Level Biology was not so difficult after all.

My parents were very impressed when Mr. Ang went to great lengths to engage in regular teacher-parent communication, including providing valuable feedback on my learning, both informally and via termly progress reports.

We wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Ang to all students, including those who struggle in Biology. If one is willing to put in hard work, one will meet with much guidance and support and a truly transformative learning experience from this very special teacher!

~ 2013 GCE 'A' Level Private Candidate and Parents

~ Student, Sec2 ACS (I), 2013

{Thank you letter from 2013 Student} [See letter below]

~ GCE 'A' Level Private Candidate 'A1', 2013

Mr. Duncan has been a very dedicated teacher who takes pains to check his students’ understanding and seeks creative ways to help students learn Biology concepts. As a private candidate who re-sat A-Level Biology two years after my initial attempt, I found Mr. Duncan to be very forthcoming with his time in helping me prepare for the Practical and Theory papers. Creating a customised study plan, Mr. Duncan meticulously guided me through the various aspects of the Biology practical assessment requirements, to the extent that he set up several practical sessions in private settings, including my home.

A very focused teacher, Mr. Duncan has a keen sense of the field and helped to scaffold my understanding of the subject and gain confidence in a relatively short period of time. I have learnt that Biology is very much about understanding, and this has helped me appreciate the subject. This is important for exams, as well as for life.

~ GCE 'A' Level Private Candidate 'A', 2013

A highly dedicated, caring and patient teacher, Mr. Duncan Ang has inspired our son in his learning of A-level Biology. We have been most impressed with the many creative, enriching and challenging approaches he used in teaching our son, including going through great lengths in planning and arranging for mock practical and theory tests. Each lesson was carefully planned with systematic links to larger learning goals. 

In relating biology concepts to rich, authentic and real-world examples, Mr. Ang made the learning of biology meaningful and interesting. There was also regular teacher-parent communication through which Mr. Ang provided valuable feedback on our son’s learning, both informally and via termly progress reports. Mr. Ang is indeed a very special teacher who has the learning needs and interests of his students at heart, academically as well as inspiring learning beyond school.

~ Parents of GCE 'A' Level Private Candidate 'A', 2013

1) How you always try to test us on our previous concepts learned

2) How you always tell us related extra information that lets us make the connection between Biology and our daily lives, which makes it more interesting

3) Your enthusiasm and interest shown when teaching. Its really infectious!

4) How you are so detailed and patient when we are clarifying our doubts. You make sure that we fully understand it before moving on to the next thing.

I can’t think of anything (for Tutor improvement) because I feel that your way of teaching really suits me a lot! I am really motivated to study Biology because of lessons held with you. I think I am the one who needs to improve and put in more effort instead…haha. x_x

~ Ms Tse Yin, GCE 'A' Level Private Candidate, 2013

(1) The notes provided are very succinct and useful for revision

(2) Long term planning-planning several weeks ahead.

(3) Exam strategies, like how to be exam smart.

~ Student, JC2 NJC, 2013

      -    Well prepared for weekly lessons.

      -     The lessons are interesting and I have gained knowledge to improve the subject.

      -     Punctual and flexible when I need a change of the days due to heavy load in school

  ~ Student, JC2 TJC, 2013

-          I like how you’re very optimistic and encouraging whenever I answer a question.

-          I like how you help me (summarize) my notes (succinctly) and with clarity, as well as your constant questioning even on the smallest things

-          I like the extra information you give me, even if it’s not in the syllabus 

  ~ Student, GCE AS/A2 Sixth Form, Tanglin Trust School, 2013

Hi Mr Ang,

update on bio results (JC1):

promo (JC1 Promotional Exams): ‘B’*

overall: ‘A’* (CA, CT, Promo exams)

[* Note: Exact % scores are not displayed to protect anonymity of Student ]

~ Student, JC1 HCI, 2012

"Dear Duncan,

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes, (Student) did very well for his biology scoring a high distinction. He could not have done it without your good coaching and guidance. He is most likely going to do biology for A levels as he has found the subject interesting due to your effort in motivating him and inspiring him in the subject. Thank you very much! I will get in touch with you again."

~ Parent of IP Sec 4 RI Boy, 2012

“Mr Duncan is organized and clear. He is able to clarify our doubts and is patient where we do not understand. He zooms in to what is important for the exam and provides us with the learning material that we need to score our As for the exam”

  ~ Ms Ellen Yee, JC2 SAJC, 2012

“Very clear explanations, emphasizes on critical thinking, focuses on the important matter and always highlights the bigger picture.”

  ~ Mr Matthew Raj, JC2 SAJC, 2012

“Questions allow me to apply what I’ve learned”

 ~ Ms Ong Jia Ying JC2 AJC, 2012


“THE 3 ‘P’s

        1)      Punctuality – Excellent, consideration for students’ time & providing extra lessons when late even by 15 mins.

        2)      Patience – Willing to explain clearly & in detailed & to repeat if necessity arised.

        3)      Professionalism – Approaching everything in a professional way.



~ Parent of Student A1 JC2 RJC, 2012

“You are a patient and caring teacher :) who commands respect from your students. Your teaching methods are highly effective, well-organized and comprehensible. You are also extremely encouraging and enthusiasm inspiring”

~ Student JC2 RJC, 2012

      1)      Efficient learning [targeted learning]

      2)      Interesting Biology facts

      3)      Use of animations

~ Student JC1 SAJC, 2012

“Very clear in explaining the concepts, knowledg(eable) and organized in going through various chapters until they are well known.”

~ Mr Marcus Koh JC1 CJC, 2012

Mr Ang, if not for you, I would never have gotten an A for biology, a subject I never took in secondary school. You really helped me so much I can't thank you enough

  ~ Mr Tan Tai Joum, JC2 HCI, 2011

UPDATE 2017: 

- Mr Tan is now 3rd year in Medicine at University College London. 

- He is the current captain of his university water polo team, and trains 4 times a week 

"Hi Mr Ang你好,非常感谢你的用心教导[匿名] Bi0拿A 谢谢你"

(Translated: Hi Mr Ang. Very thankful to you for your teaching dedication (in helping) [kept annonymous] score A for Bio. Thank you"

  ~ Parent of JC2 AJC Girl, 2011

"Hey Duncan, I scored A for bio. I am one of the top students."

~ JC1 SAJC, 2011

UPDATE 2016: 

-  Student is starting medicine course in Sep 2016, at a University in UK

"Hi Mr Ang! I got a1 for biology. Thanks for your patient guidance!!;)"

~ Ms Chua ShuYing, Sec 4 ‘O’ Level, 2011

"Mr Ang is the best tuition teacher that anyone can ever find. He is very dedicated to help me achieve my grades. He believed that I could make it and I did. Whenever I am stuck with a problem, he will not hesitate to reply me with the solution.  I am sincerely grateful to him as my grades jumped from a S(prelims) to a B( A levels) within 3 months."

~ Ms Chua Wei Min, JC2 TPJC, 2010

DUNCAN ANG :) 23/09
Thanks for being such an awesome BIOLOGY teacher. Though you only taught us for a short four months, you will be dearly missed by 23/09. Thank you for making your lessons so interesting and engaging with your "PE lessons" at the MPH. Though I have failed the two biology tests, I will work harder and not 辜负你的! Remember us kay :)

P.S. Your smile lights up everyone's day so SMILE MORE :) :D haha!

~ JC1 AJC, 2009

Mr Ang :D

Thanks for all the wonderful lessons. You never fail to make them interesting and we always look forward to Biology tutorials and your lecture. I will remember what you said and work hard to "live up to the time-honoured tradition of Bio-Reps with legendary Bio concepts." GIVE ME FIVE! With that, I wish you a good day.

~ JC1 AJC, 2009

Hi Mr Ang! :)

I really appreciated you and your dedication towards teaching! It is really wonderful to have you as our bio teacher (and also half a PW teacher). You made us always look forward to your lessons! I would remember what you said at the last tutorial to never give up and not afraid of failures! I believe that you indeed made a difference in our lives! Thank you so much and we will definitely miss u! All the best for your future endeavours!

~ JC1 AJC, 2009

Dear Mr Ang,

Thanks for being such an interesting Biology teacher. I think I'm rather lucky for I've got GREAT Bio teachers since my sec school years.  All my Bio teachers are great, but you are GREAT & DIFFERENT. Besides all the biology concepts, you taught  us different ways of learning, through games and those truly useful mindmaps, and also taught me a very important thing in life--STAY POSITIVE!

All the best for all the things for you in the future. I wish you success in your plants-related research and never stop smiling! (you always make us laugh when you put on a smile! :D) Lastly, continue to inspire more people, just like how you inspired us!


~ JC1 AJC, 2009

Mr Ang has a very strong conceptual knowledge of H2 Biology and is able to impart his understandings to his students essentially. One also benefits from his ability to teach his students the tricks and methods to tackle different biology questions. Thanks to his tutoring, I was able to improve from U to A for my A levels. What I find most beneficial is his ability to impart practical skills to his students which directly improves our grades.”

~ Mr Ong Jia Yi, JC2 CJC, 2009

MR ANG! :)

really really don't wish you to go, because you've really been a wonderful bio teacher for all of us, always explaining to us things we don't understand and Thx for your patience & caring ways, and the smile & jokes which always light up our day! will miss you!


thank you for

Give me 5!

Mr Ang!

Thank you for your patience and wonderful teaching! You have always been a great teacher, and like a great friend to us! Your smile and laughter always brighten s up our day! Must stay happy everyday :) hearts X333All the best! :)


Before you leave this school, just want to tell you that you have been really a great bio tutor whom I have always looked up to. thanks for everything that you have done for us, including all these concept maps, and not forgetting all the games! :D thanks a lot & you will be missed.

Mr Ang! :D:D:D

Thanks for being such a great bio tutor! & bio tutorial is the tutorial I most look forward to! :D:D:D You've been a very cheerful and caring teacher :) Thanks for all that you have done for us. all the best! 加油!

~ JC1 AJC, 2009

I believe everyone in class 31/09 would miss you after your departure. It is really a huge loss for us not being able to have you as our biology teacher and form teacher. Your strong passion for biology has no doubt some or even all of us to be interested in biology. I personally respect you alot not only because of your amicable attitude and the care and concern you show to everyone. You also portray an image to me as a person with upright character with great wisdom and innocence. I sincerely thank you for all that you have given us and hope that you could excel for your further sabbatical studies in plants! I will never forget and always remember you as my JC life biology teacher!

~ JC1 AJC, 2009

TO: Mr Ang...
Hmm...Not really sure if you are still teaching us next year. Just want to say that I've always enjoyed bio lessons. Perhaps I thought it was interesting  but I believe that the teachers play an impt role too. All my bio teachers were nice & encouraging (and) that includes you! :) Yup. Want to thank you for your efforts & that I really enjoy having your lessons :)


~ JC1 AJC, 2009

Mr Ang

He is thin...well muscular, and has this kiddy look. He talks like a machine gun and his poor students learn to adapt to his speed and forever, adapts to anyone's talking speed. He got the ' student give me five' and 'concept map' style that distinguish him form the rest of the teachers. He teaches us to be more pro-active, take more initiative by threatening us with concept maps.  He bonds with the class as if he is one of us and invites special guest like 'spiderman' and 'resident evil'. Learning is fun, enriching and efiicient. May God bless him even if we are not around him and may he remember that 3109 will always love him!

~ JC1 AJC, 2009


Hey! You've been such a great PD tutor and bio teacher! I will never forget the care and concern you have shown towards us. You have taught me to see failure in a whole new light and for that, I thank you. Even though you were with for for only 2 terms, but you have left a lasting impact on us. I hope you would not forget us, 31/09. I wish you all the best for the future too! Once again, thanks for being the best PD tutor ever! I will definitely miss you (:

~ JC1 AJC, 2009

To Mr Ang, 

It is a blessing to have you as 3109's PDG tutor and most importantly: OUR FUN BIOLOGY TUTOR :)

Many thanks for all the great lessons you provided us with esp. civics lessons. The slideshow you presented during one of the civic was real motivation for me.
"DON'T compare yourself with anyone in the world, if you compare, you're insulting yourself." :D

"EVERY successful story has a painful story. Every painful story has a successful ending.

Bear with the pain and get ready for success! :D

Your patience had made our learning more enjoyable, your presence had also made biology more interesting with those video clip. 

Take care and all the best!


~ JC1 AJC, 2009

To Mr Ang, 

I am so happy to have you as my teacher! For the first biology tutorial lesson, you told us few sets of rules, including doing concept maps if any one of us cannot answer your question. I was thinking: this teacher is so strict to us. Indeed, you have high expectation for all of us. At the same time, you are reasonable, genuine, caring, sometimes humorous. Between you and students in 3109, there are mutual respect and friendship. I really enjoy your lessons. Now, you are leaving. It was a shock to us. However, we cannot do much about it. The only thing I can do is writing this message to you, hoping you have a (memorable) experience with 3109. My classmates and I will appreciate the experience with you forever.

All the way! Mr Ang!

~ JC1 AJC, 2009

To Mr Ang, 

Hello Mr Ang!!! First of all, I would like to thank you for being my teacher for the past few months. I really really enjoy your lessons and jokes. I think you are the only teacher who I have known with the most most number of encouraging words or phrases used each day. I think this is a really good way to motivate the students and make them feel more confident of themselves. I am one of those who have benefitted from your way of teaching. I really would like to thank you for what you have done for our class, the joy and the encouragement.  Maybe after your research you can come back and teach us? Haha...I will definitely remember what you have taught us during civics. I will also try my best to be a good class leader and do my best in all tests. I hope that you will enjoy your research and stay happy always. 31/09 will always remember you.

~ JC1 AJC, 2009

Mr Duncan Ang

It has truly been a wonderful and enriching 3 months with you as our PDG tutor. Although you have only been teaching us for a few months, I find myself being greatly enriched by your teachings, both in biology and character development. You have not only taught me to think more critically, but in different ways and on different levels. You have also influenced me-in so many other ways, enriching my soft skills, and developing me into a mature, more selfless person. I have always thought that the most influential teachers were not those who communicated their philosophies through words, but by deeds. You, Mr Ang, are a prime example of this. Your unyielding patience, guidance, integrity and willingness to lend others a helping hand, together with your warmth and sincerity, make you one of the best teachers I have known and probably will ever know. I truly and deeply appreciate your genuine care and concern, one that I find lacking in so many educators who have the intellectual calibre but not the compassion so necessary to effectively teach. Your willingness to share past experiences with us during civics lessons show your humility, and I like how you infuse humour into your stories to make us laugh. Thank you also for pushing us beyond our limits. At first, we were all sceptical about the concept maps but we later realised that you had only wanted the best for us, and to help us achieve a better understanding of biology concepts. Truly, it worked :) With you, we don't have to worry about boring lessons, because you incorporate different teaching methods to make learn ing more enjoyable. As such, we can always count on you to brighten our day :) Thank you for EVERYTHING!

I'd like to wish you all the best in your future endeavors and areas of passion, that you may have as much passion for them as you did for us.

Keep in touch!

P.S. I hope that you like the box of blessings, and that you will use it to encourage yourself whenever you face obstacles in life. Let it be a constant reminder of the lives you have touched.

~ JC1 AJC, 2009


Hey Mr Ang! Haha I hope you like this postcard. Especially chose it for You :D STRONG MAN.

Anyway, I can't seem to thank you enough. Thank You for encouraging me in times that I failed. Thank You for believing in me that I can do well, You don't know how much it means to me :) You're such an incredible teacher who looks beyond grades and it just makes education more fun and meaningful. Thank you for all Your encouragement sweets (buy new ones!) :) Have a great teachers' day!

~ JC2 AJC, 2008

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your guidance in the past 2 years. Under your imperative tutelage, I’ve benefited immensely not only academically but also in life lessons. Once, you asked why am I “perpetually late” so I’ve make it my New Year resolution this year to be on time everyday. In addition, the nuggets of information you share with us on a regular basis have also broaden our knowledge and instill a sense of awareness in us. Hence to show my appreciation, I made an impulsive decision to write you a poem which I’ve never ever attempted before. I hope you have a good laugh.


I chose this special present for I want you to know

That you are essential in our nurture and growth

Reminding us that you are always there

And that you really do care

Keratin is an important component of hair

The tortoise will ultimately win the hare

Biology facts and life lessons you shared

Inspired us not to build castles in the air

However in this unexpected twist of fate

You have to leave which is what we hate

But your memories that are deeply etched

Will be preserved even when we age.


Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

Jieying =)

~ Ms Jieying, JC2 YJC, 2006