Genetic Control and Inheritance

A) Introduction

  1. Concluding DNA as genetic material_Avery, MacLeod, and M. McCarty experiment Animation

  2. Concluding DNA as genetic material_Hershey-Chase Experiment Video

  3. Introduction to DNA and chromosome Video

  4. Rosalind Franklin: DNA's unsung hero

  5. X-ray Diffraction of DNA Structure (Interactive)

  6. X-ray Diffraction of DNA Structure (Video)

  7. X-ray Diffraction of DNA Structure (using a spring as example)

B) DNA Replication

  1. Chromatin and Chromosomes; DNA Packing Video

  2. DNA Topoisomerase Video

  3. Evidence for semi-conservative replicatn (Meselson-Stahl) Animation + Quiz

  4. Leading + Lagging strand synthesis Video

C) Transciption

  1. Transcription Video

  2. Transcription in Prokaryotes_Rho Independent Termination Video

D) Translation

  1. Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetase Video

  2. Translation Animation Video

  3. Transcription & Translation Interactive

E) Gene Mutation

  1. DNA slippage Video

  2. DNA slippage (Detailed) and Frameshift Video

F) Miscellaneous

  1. DNA repair Video

  2. Thymine dimerization and Repair Video