Genetic Control and Inheritance

A) Introduction

  1. Concluding DNA as genetic material_Avery, MacLeod, and M. McCarty experiment Animation

  2. Concluding DNA as genetic material_Hershey-Chase Experiment Video

  3. Introduction to DNA and chromosome Video

B) DNA Replication

  1. Chromatin and Chromosomes; DNA Packing Video

  2. DNA Topoisomerase Video

  3. Evidence for semi-conservative replicatn (Meselson-Stahl) animatn + quiz

  4. Leading + Lagging strand synthesis Video

C) Transciption

  1. Transcription Video

  2. Transcription in Prokaryotes_Rho Independent Termination Video

D) Translation

  1. Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetase Video

  2. Translation Animation Video

E) Gene Mutation

  1. DNA slippage Video

  2. DNA slippage (Detailed) and Frameshift Video

F) Miscellaneous

  1. DNA repair Video

  2. Thymine dimerization and Repair Video